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References:  SOROA
530 mm  
20,9 "   
     450 mm
     17,7 "

SOROA is a chair component - seat part made with syntrewood.
All-purpose seat of big dimensions, with a 29cm-diameter which makes it ideal to substitute the plain fiberboard, it may be trimmed in accordance with the clients' needs.
Name:  ORO



Syntrewood is a plastic material, recycled and 100% recyclable that contains between 85-95% polyolefin (polypropylene, high and low density polyethylene).
It is waterproofed, non-toxic and does not contain any type of glue.
Syntrewood was created to substitute wood, laminates, plastic and all material types utilised in the manufacturing of interior chair components.
It is a highly adaptable material that can cut, drill, glue and even staple all kinds of fabrics.
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